Used Office Furniture

I just visited an old friend who is a dealer in used office furniture and it reinforced the waste management practices to Reduce Reuse and Recycle.
These three words aren’t presented in random order. They represent a hierarchy.
1. Reduce what you consume, what you waste.
2. Reuse whatever you can. Repurpose something if you can. This is where the used furniture comes in.
3. Recycle depends on how you acquired something in the first place. In Cradle to Cradle, McDonough and Braugart stress that whenever something comes to the end of its useful lifecycle it should return to the earth as a natural nutrient or a return to the manufacturing cycle as a technical nutrient. Before you buy, consider what will happen to your purchase once you’re done with it.

Used office furniture is one of the best bargains for a business and for the earth.
There is a large network of used furniture brokers and dealers in North America that help find new homes for furniture that no longer suits a company as it grows, merges or fails.
Check out this informative document prepared by Envirotech.