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Why you should never paint your office walls white

“White walls in a room might feel crisp and clean, like a blank slate, but if they’re in your workplace, it’s time to repaint. Color not only affects a person’s mood, but it can also hinder a worker’s effectiveness.” writes Stephanie Vozza in Forbes Magazine. The article correctly points out basic attributes of various hues but fails to consider the nuances of colour and its perception.

When recommending red for detailed work, you don’t want to be bombarded by bright red nor brought into the depths of depression by dark grey-red.

And although blue is an inspiring colour choice, do you want to feel like you’re in the Caribbean or on an ice floe all year round (in Canada)?

Besides the actual colour (hue), you need to consider value (lightness or darkness) and saturation (intensity) to be successful at creating the colour response you desire for an optimal workspace – either at home or in an office.

This is another place where professional advice is well worth the investment.



You want a YELLOW room?

Having just finished a colour seminar at Manderley Fine Furniture I am reminded that I , as a designer, take my knowledge for granted.
We all love yellow with its connotations of sunshine and happiness but did you know that being in a yellow room is not so happy?

Here’s where a little more information can help.
Colour can be described using three attributes:
1. Hue (the colour)
2. Value (lightness or darkness)
3. Chroma (intensity)

So read articles about the psychological and physiological responses to colour considering these three attributes. Is butter yellow the same as sunflower yellow or as ocher?


If you need help choosing a paint or material colour please contact me, I’m happy to help you.