Beyond LEED®

Even though LEED® remains incomplete there are already new developments on the horizon. In the November 2007 issue of dwell magazine, sustainability icon Sim van der Ryn told Jennifer Roberts that it is time to look beyond LEED. Is it?

The forward-looking people at the Cascadia Region Green Building Council have recently developed a wonderful new challenge that goes beyond LEED. The CascadiaGBC is a bi-national chapter of the Green Building Council that encompasses Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. They are promoting The Living Building Challenge: In Pursuit of True Sustainability in the Built Environment.

The Living Building Challenge goes beyond the points system that is the foundation of LEED, and that has served us well on our journey to sustainable building. The categories in this new document have prerequisites only. The Living Building Challenge prerequisites are truly inspirational.

I suggest that you begin by reading the Executive Summary at the front, and the Background History and Summary of Prerequisites at the end of the document. Then enjoy the truly inspirational reading in between. I encourage you to check it out.